30 years of asking, ‘what if?’

Tzannes is an Australian studio for architecture, urban and integrated design based in Sydney. The practice’s creative thinking and innovative, sustainable and enduring architecture has established our reputation as a leader in the field.

Our work is about specific responses to every client and every project, not about preconceived ideas, style or approach. We consider each brief an opportunity to apply architectural skill, creativity and innovation to solve our client’s design problems, but also to delight and to inspire.

Tzannes’ distinction is our ability to work across all scales and project types. The breadth of our skills and experience, the profile of our talent and technology enable us to service significant projects with the efficiency and confidence of a large practice. At the same time we are known for passion, curiosity, attention to detail and close personal relationships with our clients on commissions that are of great emotional value but modest in scale.

Our clients and consultants appreciate the firm’s collaborative nature, intellectual rigour and an ethical approach. At Tzannes, these same values are fostered by the way we work as a team in an open floor studio with a shared design culture, an open exchange of ideas and an ethical employment system.

Creative and effective

Our design is research-based. We develop innovative and precise solutions that balance the (often competing) objectives of the approving authorities with those of our clients. Tzannes build on a detailed understanding of the client’s brief and ambition, as well as the environmental, economic, planning and urban design contexts. We use a range of design techniques and analytical tools to bring the project to life. All aspects of the design are integrated from the outset, providing the client with the best possible outcome and transparent control over time and cost.

Over the past three decades our work has been recognised by our clients and awarded by the profession on public and private projects as varied as homes and apartments, hospitality and education to major urban and commercial precincts, public spaces and street furniture.

Environmentally Sustainable Design

An integrated approach to environmentally responsible architecture is an essential part of the Tzannes design culture. We consider sustainability as the only way to produce enduring buildings and thriving communities that deliver positive social and environmental outcomes.

Environmental performance is understood holistically at Tzannes, for the full life cycle of the project, with each building directly responding to its specific natural, social and economic circumstances.


Expertise and Collaboration

Every project Tzannes undertake has a collaborative design process as its foundation.. And it is the directors of the practice who lead and promote this approach. We are known for working as a team across all projects, thereby avoiding silo-type thinking and encouraging ideas and solutions to come from unexpected lines of inquiry. This methodology extends to the entire studio: the team meets regularly for joint project reviews; key stage assessment panels; professional development and guest speaker sessions; or to simply talk and share new thinking.

Alec Tzannes AM

BSc (Arch) BArch (Sydney)
MS Arch + UD Columbia (Hon)

Alec is the founding director of Tzannes. He established the firm’s distinctive design philosophy and collaborative work practices with a record of design excellence across a wide range of projects.

Alec has served the community in a number of other roles including as National President of the Australian Institute of Architects (2006-7) and as Professor of Practice and Dean of UNSW Built Environment (2008-15). He retains an ongoing relationship with UNSW as an Emeritus Professor undertaking research and teaching roles, contributing to the firm’s commitment to thought leadership in design and architecture practice. In 2017 UNSW honoured Alec’s achievements with the degree of Doctor of the University honoris causa.

In 2018 he was awarded the Australian Institute of Architects’ Gold Medal. The Gold Medal recognises distinguished service by architects who have designed or executed buildings of high merit, produced work of great distinction resulting in the advancement of architecture or endowed the profession of architecture in a distinguished manner.

“Our aim is to uplift the human spirit through our architecture. We are interested in the design and delivery of enduring architecture of substance – advancing the discipline of architecture as a city-making proposition in the process of fulfilling our client’s briefs. Our design philosophy means that we address each brief with distinctive and relevant propositions, creating artefacts in the process that have an appreciating value in every respect – culturally and materially.”

Mladen Prnjatovic

B.Arch (Hons 1) UNSW

Mladen has been a director of Tzannes since 2006. With an academic background in architecture and law from universities in Australia and overseas, Mladen has developed a particularly clear-minded, strategic approach to design, its communication and delivery.

He has contributed to the development of the idea of a coherent architecture within the practice, where the conception of the project is ingrained in each detail, producing architecture of singular quality. Mladen has also led the transformation of our approach to design communication and has been instrumental in leading the ongoing development of the practice’s graphic language and visual identity.


“We think of architecture as both science and art. It needs to be grounded in rigorous technical analysis, employing almost a forensic way of arriving at a solution, yet great design is so much more. It erases the boundaries between the technical, functional, intuitive and artistic. When these distinctions can no longer be made we find exceptional architecture, and that is our ambition.”


Ben Green

B.Arch (Hons 1) B.Sc (Arch)

Ben Green has been a director of Tzannes since 2013. Ben’s international experience was instrumental to the broadening of the practice’s studio culture, its visual and written communications and its design agenda. His project and practice leadership is based on deep understanding of the contemporary architectural discourse and his keen interest in the contextual and technical aspects of each project and its urban condition. Ben leads on the research, integration and development of the practices CAD systems and its technologies for visual communication.


“We believe great architecture is grounded in its use and that it is this usefulness which underpins architecture’s relevance and social value.  We find great creative potential in the specific relationship between each project’s place, use and fabrication. Our design process is one of close, open minded scrutiny and each project is a singular expression of its essential issues. Each design strives for authenticity, as distinct from fad or fashion, is timeless in its representation and considerate of its impact.”


Chi Melhem

B.Arch (Hons 1)

Chi has been a director of Tzannes since 2016. Prior to joining the studio in 2003 she gained valuable experience working at various size Sydney practices and at Lend Lease. During her time at Tzannes Chi has been responsible for a diverse range of projects and has established a reputation for her architecture with deep design integrity, structured management approach and proficient technical delivery. She has led in the implementation of these skills in our studio’s approach and management of projects.

As a director, Chi is a strong advocate for employment equality. She leads in developing Tzannes’ proactive employment practices to enable each and every employee to realise their full potential.


“Architecture at its core is understanding how people occupy spaces, how these spaces contribute to the human experience and how this experience may evolve through time. Whether it be a piece of furniture or an urban precinct, design at every scale should enhance and encourage a dialogue. Our approach aims for an architecture that is beautifully crafted, technically functional and has relevance to what we do and how we live, both today and into the future.”


George Korban

Associate Director
B.A, B.Arch (Hons 1)

George Korban joined Tzannes Associates in 2001 following seven years at Denton Corker Marshall and became an associate in 2010.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, George is a highly experienced architect with well-rounded experience across all aspects of architecture.

George’s exceptional communication skills and insightful knowledge of Tzannes allow him to ensure that the distinctive attributes of our core values, principles and culture are imbedded within every project and employee work ethos.


“Working with Tzannes is as much about teamwork and collaboration as it is about good process. Everything we do is subject to rigorous analysis and debate, from a range of viewpoints – all options are laid out and carefully considered. The result is – invariably – substantially more than the sum of its parts, with the conceptual rigour, robust design and clarity for which Tzannes is well known.”

Bruce Chadlowe

Associate Director
B.A. (Arch Studies) (Hons II)
Graduate Diploma in Architecture (Dist)

Prior to joining Tzannes Associates in 1998, Bruce Chadlowe gained extensive experience working and studying in many parts of the world.

Bruce has worked with a broad range of practices in the UK, South America and Australia on many award and competition winning projects, ranging from public and cultural projects to hospitality, commercial and private residential buildings.

Bruce provides an unparalleled opportunity for Tzannes staff to be mentored by a highly experienced Architect whose work is characterised by a meticulous and rigorous attention to detail, and a proven ability to deliver high quality design standards.


“I have always been fascinated and inspired by the apparent effortless beauty found in truly great work. Enduring work has a clarity of conceptual approach that is elegantly delivered all the way through to its finest details, and is then given life, history and meaning via its role in society.  A truly successful project is typically the result of a special synthesis of patronage, vision and imagination, brought together with well-led teamwork and a consistent, unwavering focus on delivering the highest quality outcome.”

Amy Dowse

Associate Director
Bachelor of Design (Architecture)
Bachelor of Architecture (Honours 1)

Amy Dowse first joined Tzannes in 2005, and after continuing her professional development overseas, returned to Tzannes in 2016 as a Senior Architect, followed by promotion to Associate later that year.

Amy’s extensive experience across a diverse range of projects, her skill in effectively delivering complex and challenging projects, and ability to provide exemplary customer service to her clients has long made her an integral part of the Tzannes leadership team.

Over the years, Amy has continually demonstrated her commitment and dedication to the practice management of the studio as well as the professional development and growth of our staff.


“Architecture is the perfect combination of creative expression and technical skill. There is often a rich layering of elements throughout the design of a project. To me, the most beautiful spaces appear the simplest, enhanced by a refined palette of materials. We are passionate about what we do and the exceptional team at Tzannes take great pride and meticulous care in all aspects of each design.”

Our Team

One Team. Many Individuals.
We are proud of our studio and the work it produces. We have a knowledgeable, passionate and hard-working team of architects and designers who have distinctive skills and experiences to bring to any project.

Nominated Architects

Alec Tzannes 4174

Mladen Prnjatovic 7468

Benjamin Green 7066

Chi Melhem 7754

Associate Directors and Associates

Associate Directors
Amy Dowse
Bruce Chadlowe
George Korban

Lyndsey Fitz-Gerald
Tony Lam

Team Members

Alec Tzannes
Amy Dowse
Arddy Berylian
Benjamin Green
Bruce Chadlowe
Chi Melhem
Chris Taylor
Connor Denyer
George Korban
Iris Zhu
James Marrinan
Jason Goh
Joanne Brill
Juliana Conceicao
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Tzannes offers a dynamic and stimulating studio environment for talented students, graduates, architects and designers from related disciplines. Our projects are diverse, and include residential, commercial, hospitality, education, product and furniture design.

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Collaborative and Open

We actively encourage collaboration in our open-plan studio – an environment where it is not unusual to share, challenge and foster all sorts of ideas between all teams; from students to directors and everyone in between. Meeting tables, presentation areas, libraries and lunch spaces, office-wide design review panels, lectures and workshops further contribute to the development of a co-operative and knowledge-based work culture within the firm. Tzannes employs the latest CAD technology and design software.

Ethical and Flexible

We offer a great place to work, built on a strong, ethical and flexible employment culture and strengthened by good conditions, ongoing reviews, mentoring and support. While we pride ourselves on efficiency and productivity, we recognise our staff’s commitment by renumerating or providing time in lieu for overtime work hours. We are always looking for exceptional people to join our team – send a cover letter with your CV and portfolio (max 5 MB) to our