Design commences with a deep understanding of ‘place’ and our responsibility as stewards of the built environment. We integrate the principles of ‘Caring for Country’ with scientific knowledge in a rigorous, creative design process to deliver place specific and innovative solutions for all living beings.




Photograph of exteriors of the award-wining Daramu House designed by Tzannes with International House Sydney in the background

Project - International House Sydney and Daramu House

Twin exemplars of low carbon architecture

These buildings prove to the Australian commercial market that cross-laminated timber structures are a viable low-carbon alternative to concrete and highly desirable property investments.

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Photograph looking up at ceiling of Great Hall in the award-wining Dangrove Art Storage Facility designed by Tzannes

Project - Dangrove Art Storage Facility

A visionary facility built for resilience and sustainability

Designed for a minimum 100-year life, this storage facility houses an exceptional collection of contemporary Chinese art and doubles as an exhibition, screening and performance space.

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Vision - Reversing the Cycle

Sustainability means caring for Country

The role that architecture can play in reversing the cycle of environmental degradation – by reverting to the tenets of harmony and respect that are intrinsic to Country.

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We are committed to a post-carbon future

We seek to drive the industry in a direction that aims beyond net zero carbon, targeting instead a new and regenerative paradigm which gives back and supports the health of the natural environment into the future.

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Project - 6 Hassall Street

A hybrid tower that activates its place

This ground-breaking building combines an education facility for two universities with A-grade commercial spaces and established a wider urban design vision for Parramatta.

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We are thought leaders in placeshaping

Drawing upon our deep understanding of the forces that shape environmental change, we strive for the conservation of the habitat for all living things and for the betterment of humanity.

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Photograph of Opera Residence façade in context of the Sydney Opera House

Project - Opera Residences

A distinctive architecture that completes East Circular Quay

Distinguished by fluid forms shaped to enhance the amenity of residents, this premium apartment enhances the urban characteristics of East Circular Quay and augments the global identity of the precinct.

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Vision - Investigation of Development Applications

A GIS Based Spatiotemporal Analysis in the City of Sydney Area 2004–2022

Using the City of Sydney as a case study to show how open data about individual DAs can be used to build a critical spatiotemporal information framework to guide important city-shaping design and planning decisions.

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Project - Darling Square North

An exemplar of residential density woven into the city fabric

Darling Square delivers appropriate, high-density residential architecture at a city-shaping scale and creates a distinctive place that enhances the pedestrian experience.

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We collaborate and innovate

Collaboration is at the core of our culture and our design process. It enables assumptions to be challenged, drives effective innovation and helps deliver optimal, enduring and appropriate design propositions.

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Project - City of Sydney Street Furniture

Demonstrating the value of quality design at a human scale

Public domain furniture is part of a city’s cultural identity, as the system of coordinated furniture elements amalgamate to form and enrich a city’s unique character.

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Close up photograph of the expressive roof enclosure of the trigeneration plant designed by Tzannes for the Brewery Yard

Project - Brewery Yard

A sensitive integration of old and new to future-proof an emerging precinct

This new landmark for Central Park, a technically-complex yet conceptually-simple adaptive reuse project, offers significant benefits to the community.

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Vision - Daramu House

Environment Case Study - Daramu House

At the core of the design for Daramu House is a commitment to minimising the embodied and operational carbon of the building, while also minimising water use, waste generation and encouraging biodiversity.

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We create enduring architecture

Enduring architecture is resilient, beautiful, adaptable and, through its longevity, inherently sustainable. We aim to create enduring architecture that appreciates in value and continues to be lived in and loved.

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Photograph of the signage of the award-wining Bistro Moncur designed by Tzannes

Project - The Woollahra Hotel & Bistro Moncur

A triptych of exceptional hospitality spaces

These buildings respond to the area’s historic fabric in a contemporary idiom and integrates commercial objectives, public domain improvements and distinctive architecture.

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Aerial photograph of the Tzannes award-wining Central Park Masterplan area

Project - Early-Stage Studies

Robust studies lead to valuable proposals and design excellence

Our rigorous studies, paired with the early adoption of First Nations design principles and regenerative design considerations, often lead to propositions that exceed our clients’ expectations, result in cost and time savings and benefit the broader community.

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Vision - Is the Competitive Design Process Anti-Competitive?

Shaping the built fabric of the city

Knowing that the pool of design competition winners is reducing in diversity and the issue of competition remuneration remains outstanding, we have to question whether the process has become anti-competitive.

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We begin from first principles

We are inspired to question assumptions and to develop unique design propositions without preconceived ideas. Doing so helps us develop innovative concepts, deliver greater benefits to the community and meet or exceed client expectations.

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