Designing with Country

As Australians, we are interested in the connections between people and place, the narratives that give life to these connections, and the continuity of these stories and places long after we are gone.

Our studio is located on Gadigal Country in the Eora Nation, our work extends across Australia and our studio members are from around the world. We recognise the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work, as well as their knowledge of and connection to Country, which encompasses land, water, and sky.

Our core values are integral to the way we design with Country. Guided by these values, we aim to design in a manner that is deeply connected to place, that cares for Country, and is inclusive of all living beings. We collaborate with First Nations consultants and community to deepen our understanding – culturally, socially and environmentally – of Country where we work, and to embed this knowledge into all our projects.

We would like to thank Yerrabingin for their contribution in shaping our First Nations perspective on our values.⁠