Every home is a unique reflection of the values, circumstances, lifestyles and design opportunities implicit in each brief. Our design process is always collaborative and sensitive to the ambitions of our clients. Our homes are designed to last. They are valued by the broader community for their enduring characteristics. Our homes form the foundation of our design principles for all project types.




Photograph of dining and living spaces from the garden in the Garden House designed by Tzannes

Project - Garden House

A pavilion that maximises landscape amenity

Making full use of its compact site, this house dissolves the distinction between internal and external spaces and accommodates the changing needs of the family.

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We collaborate and innovate

Collaboration is at the core of our culture and our design process. It enables assumptions to be challenged, drives effective innovation and helps deliver optimal, enduring and appropriate design propositions.

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Project - Judith Neilson Table

A coffee table designed for the Judith Neilson Institute of Journalism and Ideas

We envisioned a seamless ‘ribbon’ of brass that effortlessly suspends the glass top and plaque. A flowing, open, visually light spatial form with purity of structure, expressing the richness of the unadorned brass.

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Project - Paddington Terraces

Refined homes weaved into a heritage-rich place

A first principles approach yielded a unique and integrated proposal that addressed multiple requirements and constraints and stitched together old and new.

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Vision - A Good House is Forever

Sustainability through liveability

The houses designed by Tzannes have been rightly acclaimed for their durability, passive design strategies, environmental awareness, and their degree of user satisfaction.

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We create enduring architecture

Enduring architecture is resilient, beautiful, adaptable and, through its longevity, inherently sustainable. We aim to create enduring architecture that appreciates in value and continues to be lived in and loved.

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Project - Point Piper Residence

Exceptional amenity for a small house

Set on a constrained site, the architecture of this house creates an exceptional sense of space and captures spectacular views of the harbour.

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Project - Houseman Side Table

A compact side table with a hidden storage compartment

A coopered timber base seamlessly connected to a spun metal bowl.

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Vision - The Value of People in Practice

A sustainable way to practice

"What I have learned... is the value of respecting my time and those around me, whether they are colleagues, clients or collaborators."

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We begin from first principles

We are inspired to question assumptions and to develop unique design propositions without preconceived ideas. Doing so helps us develop innovative concepts, deliver greater benefits to the community and meet or exceed client expectations.

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Project - Paddington Corner Terrace

An old terrace made light, open, and delightful

This alteration is an example of our ongoing revitalisation of the 19th-century inner-city terrace and our commitment to urban renewal and sustainability.

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We are committed to a post-carbon future

We seek to drive the industry in a direction that aims beyond net zero carbon, targeting instead a new and regenerative paradigm which gives back and supports the health of the natural environment into the future.

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