Yatte Yattah House

Yatte Yattah NSW

Yatte Yattah House is located in southern NSW on 25 acres of land overlooking the Budawang ranges. The house has been sited to take advantage of the topography, views and breezes, and for bushfire protection. The house sits high on the site overlooking two dams and the forest and ranges beyond.

The house can be used in two modes. For a couple it is smaller, and when family and friends stay it can be enlarged. The house can also be closed off, or completely opened up to merge interior and exterior spaces into one experience. The roof angle and colonnade along the north are configured for maximum solar gain through the winter arc of the sun. Waste water is recycled for garden use, and roof runoff rain water collected in a 110,000 litre tank. Solar tubes and photo-voltaic panels provide the electricity with a net surplus back to the grid. The garden design includes a substantial area for farmed vegetables.

A local builder and tradesmen built the house enriching local skills, generally using local materials. Materials were chosen for their lower cost. Detailing was direct, robust and simple, designed to minimize maintenance.

  • AIA (NSW) Commendation Sustainable Architecture 2014