Vaucluse Residence Interiors

New interiors for the Vaucluse Residence sought to refresh and renew the original 1936 design, currently home to a family of six. The approach to the design was not to radically change the existing character of the house, but to respect and enhance the distinctive Art Deco aesthetic and form.

A key move in the internal refurbishment of the home was to modify the original back of house stairs and staff quarters. This reconfiguration provided a large laundry with views across the lush back garden, an additional bathroom, a guest bedroom with ensuite, as well as a kitchen cool room to cater for large summer entertaining.

Clever attention to detail, colour and respect for the existing aesthetic, was considered throughout the design process. The ground floor rooms became unified with the continuation of the original parquetry of the parlour and entry foyer, through into the hall, family living and dining areas, and the study. Parquetry pieces were turned by hand to follow the curved geometry of hall thresholds. The original curves of the house are repeated at the upper level hall threshold, to ceilings and corners of rooms, and as a sweeping central stair, all of which were retained, softened with sheer curtains, and enhanced with custom designed wall sconces in stone, bronze and timber.

The elaborate master bathroom provided the opportunity to introduce a new narrative to the otherwise subtle interiors. With art deco inspired floor tiles, full height marble wall slabs in bold colours, and warmth via bronze window reveals.

The final design took into consideration the lifestyle of the family, both as they live now, and how they may wish to live in the future. The interior reconfiguration allows for guests to stay.  New full height joinery in each of the bedrooms combines desks and shelving with ample robe and storage space.  New free-standing joinery in the master suite creates more intimate proportions to the bedroom and provides much needed robe space and dressing area. With four children still living at home, the family often entertains large parties.  The new interiors allow this to continue, now with a cohesive and recognisable aesthetic throughout, from within the house, through to the backyard by the pool, and onto the front terrace of the Parlour with views to harbour.