Irving Street Brewery

Chippendale NSW

This project integrated the plant equipment for a development wide tri-generation plant with the historic Carlton and United Brewery building on the fringe of the Sydney CBD. The Brewery precinct, which dates from the early twentieth century, is located in the centre of this six hectare site, now known as Central Park. It is the largest group of retained heritage buildings on site and will provide the most direct representation of the Brewery which existed on the site until 2005.

The built form of the project needed to provide a memorable expression of this important new technology within the urban context while also meeting the demanding technical requirements of the cooling towers and enhancing the heritage significance of the buildings.  This project delivers significant community benefits through both the provision of a highly energy efficient method of supplying power as well as hot and cold water to a significant new mixed use development on the fringes of the city as well as providing a model of how this new technology can be integrated with an important historic structure. The design both respects this fabric as well as making this vital new technology a memorable part of the urban context.

  • UNESCO Heritage Award for New Design in Heritage Contexts (Cultural Heritage Conservation) 2016
  • Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award 2016
  • AIA (National) Lachlan Macquarie Award for Heritage 2015
  • AIA (NSW) Heritage Award (Creative Adaptation) 2015
  • Photography by John Gollings