Hillingdon Ascham School

Edgecliff NSW

Ascham is an independent school for girls in Edgecliff. The school’s brief was for two new classrooms, a covered playground area, a library and a multipurpose room for Hillingdon, the preparatory school of Ascham.

The design consists of two interconnected two-storey pavilions suspended over the existing playground and pick up areas to the west of Hillingdon. The pavilions are joined with the existing building via a new circulation block containing suspended walkways, a lift, stairs and a bridge link. The elevated pavilions provide shaded spaces for a covered playground and a new, pick-up area.

The pavilions are oriented in north-south direction, with integrated sun control devices. This strategy minimises the need for air-conditioning, and maximises opportunities for cross ventilation and day light access.

This was a BER project. The principal challenge for the team was to overcome the limitations of the BER framework which was not conducive to a bespoke, site and brief specific outcome. This was achieved through the engagement of the selected builder early in the design process. Building techniques and materials were selected for the most economical return on investment. The project was successfully completed on time, on budget and to the client’s satisfaction.