Federation Pavilion

Centennial Park NSW

The creation of a symbolic structure over the historic foundation stone laid in a ceremony on January 1, 1901 to commemorate the creation of Australia was the subject of a design competition.

The design of this monument was commenced in 1985 and the building work completed in 1987.  The key symbolic concepts are: the representation of the democratic process of government; the inclusion of cultural ideas from every aspect of Australian life; the idea of time expressed in spatial and typological constructs; and the representation of propositions about Australia’s material and spiritual culture.

The expressive elements of this monument were developed through the integration of architectural and urban /landscape design elements, structure, daylight design and a work of art.

The project reworked a large area of landscape adding an informal outdoor theatre and picnic areas in a manner consistent with the heritage environs. The client was the Premiers Department of NSW and the Centennial Park Trust. The Department of Public Works, NSW, managed the project.

Alec Tzannes led the design team, which included Landscape Designer Wally Barda, Lighting Engineer Barry Webb, Structural Engineer Ove Arup, Artist Imants Tillers and the Hydraulic Engineer Don Ledingham.

  • RAIA (NSW) Award, Sulman Category – Public Buildings 1988
  • Master Builders Federation – Certificate for Commendation 1988
  • Society of Illuminating Engineeers - Commendation 1988
  • Invited Design Competition – Premiers Department of NSW and the Centennial Park Trust – winner