Daramu House Foyer Art Installation

Barangaroo, Sydney

The commercial entry of Daramu House blends innovation and history through a distinctive art wall of sculpted engineered timber. Innovation and maritime industry have long shaped the geographic, cultural and economic form of Barangaroo and Sydney. Over time this area has been a foraging ground for indigenous Eora women, finger wharves for stevedoring, and a disused container terminal. The water’s edge of Barangaroo has morphed through brutal, enriching and galvanising changes. The art wall interpretively references the foreshore, city and harbour through carvings into cross laminated timber. Each changing shoreline is a groove cut into the timber by advanced milling machinery echoing the mark industrial innovation has made on the precinct.

Achieved through rigorous design testing and prototyping, the art wall represents an evolution in engineered timber processing technology, achieving a level of refinement previously belonging only to carpentry quality timber craftsmanship. Each shoreline is carved into the CLT timber by advanced milling machinery using a unique tool for each groove. This included a ‘V’ cutter, a ball nose and straight cutter.

  • Photography by Ben Guthrie and Brett Boardman