Campbell Parade Apartments

Bondi NSW

Our strategy for Campbell Parade was to follow the lessons established by the existing buildings within the conservation area, centred on defined street walls and bays. We sought a contemporary interpretation of this language, folding the street wall to form both bays and balconies.

The building is more rectilinear to Gould Lane following the alignment of the lane and more enclosed, ensuring privacy from the adjacent buildings.

Courtyards are implemented to allow the full depth of the block to be utilised and the building line of both Campbell Parade and Gould Lane to be reinforced.

A glazed white brick is selected for the beach side façade. The gloss and reflectivity of the brick responds to the curving geometry of the façade and the easterly light. A simple blond, dry pressed brick is used for the lane façade, reinforcing the existing street hierarchy through the materiality of each building façade.

Builder- Infinity Constructions

Photography- The Guthrie Project