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Daramu House wins the Commercial category in the 2020 Australian Timber Design Awards.

Jury statement reads:

Winner – Commercial

“At the heart of Daramu House is an exposed timber structure boasting a flexible structural grid of 9m x 9m throughout. All timber elements are exposed internally to provide a unique character and a desirable workplace through biophilic design. Cross-bracing bays for lateral stability are made part of the expression and architectural language of the building, and form a 18m wide, five storey high truss to allow the deletion of one colonnade column.

Solid recycled ironbark columns support the double-height external rooms at either end of the building and at the commercial entry point to encourage movement and announce these special public thoroughfares. Ground floor retail shopfronts contain a ribbon of horizontal recycled spotted gum boards which encircle the building like fish gills to allow the passage of fresh air intake and exhaust.”

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