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Daramu House has received a Commendation for Commercial Architecture at the 2020 National Architecture Awards.

Jury statement reads:

Commendation for Commercial Architecture

“The design of Daramu House proceeds from its predecessor and neighbour by the same architect and client, International House, which was acknowledged with the National Award for Commercial Architecture in 2018.

The same important themes of timber technology are notable in Daramu House, but with a larger and more flexible structural grid. A grand colonnade to Hickson Road frames the streetscape and there is a real relish evident in the use of natural materials that have been finely detailed and crafted. This evolution of the streetscape completes Scotch Row, culminating in a sculpted northern corner that liberates the architecture from its rectilinear office floor.

Daramu House and International House have become exemplars for an office alternative in which substantial benefits include timber interiors, high-speed construction, and – of paramount importance – the sequestering of carbon within the structure.”

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