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Daramu House, our second timber commercial building, has been recognised with an Architecture Award for Commercial Architecture and Commendation for Sustainable Architecture at the 2020 NSW Architecture Awards.

Jury statement reads:

Architecture Award for Commercial Architecture

This remarkable building is a development of an already important neighbour by the same architect. What is most laudable is the continuing evolution of the ideas that are brought to a measurably higher level of resolution in this second work. This course is rare in commercial developments and rarer still in commercial developments within its precinct. It shows a developed ability on the part of the architect to persist with improvements upon their own excellent work without the propensity to embellish the narrative with the present fashions of workplace outcomes.

The building’s nuanced regard to its corner position and the gentle delivery of its skin in response to entry, shelter and ground floor program imbue the work with elegant confidence and a refinement not often seen in commercial buildings. This approach is particularly noteworthy at the level of the public domain where too often the detail and finesse required to make a great city is lost. Daramu excels at both the micro scale of human touch and the macro scale of providing a street wall to an emerging precinct. It is perhaps not too grandiose a statement to posit that works like this reflect the hand of each individual who lovingly commits to making something great. The work is incredibly personal and masterful and should be regarded as a relevant precedent in this sector for many years to come.

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