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DANGROVE, a purpose built ‘state of the art’ storage facility, has received both the Interior Architecture Award and the prestigious Sir Arthur G. Stephenson Award for Commercial Architecture at the 2019 NSW Australian Institute of Architecture Awards.

Jury statements read:

Sir Arthur G Stephenson Award for Commercial Architecture

Dangrove is an extremely accomplished and highly technical building. The building has been conceived both as an art storage and restoration facility, as well as a place of gathering and entertainment. In form Dangove responds to its gradually changing, partly industrial context with a palette of robust materials that are designed for longevity and will take on the patina of use and habitation over the years to come, as seminal buildings do.

Dangrove is a highly functional facility that places art and its daily management at the forefront of the design. The language of the building is nearly entirely based on its brief for the security of the collection, the quality of light needed for evaluation, its longevity, its strong environmental strategy, and the neutral background required for the display of the artwork. Designed to surprise and delight, the building slowly reveals itself.

There is an incredible articulation of the way people move through the different spaces, experiencing both the collection and the highly technical activities that occur. There are moments of suspense and discovery. The theatre of the spaces, moving from ante room to performance space has been well executed, leading to a facility that will become a model of its type around the world.

Award for Interior Architecture

Dangrove is Tzannes’ extraordinary state of the art storage facility housing Judith Neilson’s ever-growing Chinese contemporary art collection. It is difficult to separate interior from exterior architecture as the one grows out of the other. The spatial sequences make this an internal experience of its own, with light and drama at play: the journey through the collection; the holding function room; and the giant revolving doors that present the dramatic exhibition and grand hall at the end. Material selections of concrete, steel and brass have been made with the brief’s minimum 100 year life span in mind. This functional working building (with forklifts whizzing about) contains interior spaces crafted with extraordinary precision. There is beauty in the simple materials, craft in the well resolved details, and soul in the play of light. There has been a high level of care with the coordination of the services akin to a bespoke house; the back of houses spaces including plant rooms are beautifully considered, aligned and coordinated. Dangrove is another of Judith Neilson’s legacy buildings and the team at Tzannes has done an outstanding job.

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