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The Opera Residences are nearing completion

The Opera Residences are now nearing completion. This building is the last in the line of redeveloped properties at East Circular Quay between the Cahill Expressway and the Sydney Opera House.

The design is inspired by its unique context, adding new expressive language to the colonnade and through-site link to enrich urban experiences through architecture. The approach to balancing privacy and views between apartments is unprecedented. Innovative glass technology was developed to create divisions between apartments and add a bay window experience of the spectacular views.

Part of the architecture includes an expressed structural soffit, designed to be ‘in conversation’ with the structural soffit of the Sydney Opera House inter-connecting the start and end of the colonnade walk.

We acknowledge the skills and commitment of RCC the builder, as well as the significant contributions of our dedicated and passionate colleagues in the realisation of this project.

We are particularly grateful to our client Macrolink and Landream, for their vision, commitment and passion in support of the design team, ensuring the delivery of the architecture to the highest standards envisaged.

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The building speaks for itself; it’s beautiful, a real icon.


Circular Quay // Gadigal people of the Eora Nation

Property Developer/Client: Macrolink and Landream

Architect: Tzannes

Project Team: Alec Tzannes, Ben Green, Kimberley Merlino, Luke Novotny, Kate Nason, Katharine Turner, Kevin Mak, Ben Guthrie, Isabella Moran, Miguel Gilarte, Jessie Spencer, Julia Duerr, Sarah Reid, Samuel Mok, Elanor Hyland-Falle, Carl Holder, Juliana Conceicao, Lyndsey Fitz-Gerald, Derek Chin, Georgina Blix, Amanda Roberts

Executive Architect: Crone

Residential Interiors Architect: MAKE

Builder: RCC

Structure and Civil: TTW

Services and ESD: ADP

Façade: Apex

Landscape: Oculus

Photos: Martin Mischkulnig / Alec Tzannes